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The HasEffectDisable ReferenceType is a concrete ReferenceType and can be used directly. It is a subtype of HasEffect.

The semantic of this ReferenceType is to point form a Transition to an Alarm that will be disabled.

  • If the Reference is to an Object then all Alarms in the HasNotifier hierarchy below that Object are disabled,
  • If the target is an AlarmType then all instances of that AlarmType in the HasNotifier hierarchy below the Object containing the StateMachine are disabled,
  • If the target is an Alarm instance then the given Alarm instance is disabled. The SourceNode of this ReferenceType shall be an Object of the ObjectType TransitionType or one of its subtypes. The TargetNode can be of an Object or AlarmType.

The representation of the HasEffectDisable ReferenceType in the AddressSpace is specified in Table 104

Table 104 – HasEffectDisable ReferenceType

Attributes Value    
BrowseName HasEffectDisable    
InverseName MayBeDisabledBy    
Symmetric False    
IsAbstract False    
References NodeClass BrowseName Comment

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