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Table 25 describes the details of the Core 2017 Server Facet. This Facet defines the core functionality required for any UA Server implementation. The core functionality includes the ability to discover endpoints, establish secure communication channels, create Sessions, browse the AddressSpace and read and/or write to Attributes of Nodes. The key requirements are: support for a single Session, support for the Server and Server Capabilities Object, all mandatory Attributes for Nodes in the AddressSpace, and authentication with UserName and Password. For broad applicability, it is recommended that Servers support multiple transport and security Profiles. This Facet supersedes the “Core Server Facet”.

Table 25 – Core 2017 Server Facet

Group Conformance Unit / Profile Title Optional
Profile SecurityPolicy – None False
Profile User Token – User Name Password Server Facet False
Address Space Model Address Space Atomicity False
Address Space Model Address Space Base False
Address Space Model Address Space Full Array Only False
Attribute   Services Attribute   Read False
Attribute   Services Attribute   Write Index True
Attribute   Services Attribute   Write Values True
Base Information Base Info Core Structure False
Base Information Base Info Estimated Return Time True
Base Information Base Info OptionSet True
Base Information Base Info Placeholder Modelling Rules True
Base Information Base Info Selection List True
Base Information Base Info Server Capabilities True
Base Information Base Info ValueAsText True
Discovery   Services Discovery   Find Servers Self False
Discovery   Services Discovery   Get Endpoints False
Security Security Administration True
Security Security Role Server Authorization True
Session   Services Session   Base False
Session   Services Session   General Service Behaviour False
Session   Services Session   Minimum 1 False
View Services View Basic False
View Services View Minimum Continuation Point 01 False
View Services View RegisterNodes False
View Services View TranslateBrowsePath False

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