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Table 183 describes the details of the SecurityPolicy – None. This security Facet defines a security policy used for configurations with the lowest security needs. This security policy can affect the behaviour of the CreateSession and ActivateSession Services. It also results in a SecureChannel which has no channel security. By default this security policy should be disabled if any other security policies are available.

Table 183 – SecurityPolicy – None

Group Conformance Unit / Profile Title Optional
Security AsymmetricEncryptionAlgorithm_None False
Security AsymmetricSignatureAlgorithm_None False
Security KeyDerivationAlgorithm_None False
Security Security None CreateSession ActivateSession False
Security Security None CreateSession ActivateSession 1.0 True
Security SecurtyPolicy_None_Limits False
Security SymmetricEncryptionAlgorithm_None False
Security SymmetricSignatureAlgorithm_None False

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