For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in OPC 10000-1, OPC 10000-2, and OPC 10000-3, and OPC 10000-4as well as the following apply. An overview of the terms defined in this standard and their interaction can be viewed in Figure 1.

a software program that executes or implements some aspect of OPC UA

Note 1to entry: The application could run on any machine and perform any function. The application could be software or it could be a hardware application, the only requirement is that it implements OPC UA.

a Profilethat defines all features necessary to build a functional OPC UA application

Note 1to entry: An Application Profilein particular adds definitions of the transport and security requirements. Application Profilesare organized in the “Application Profiles” ProfileCategory.

a specific set of OPC UA features that can be tested as a single entity

Note 1to entry: A ConformanceUnit can cover a group of services, portions of services or information models.

a group of ConformanceUnits that is given a name

Note 1to entry: This grouping is only to assist in organizing ConformanceUnits. Typical ConformanceGroups include groups for each of the service sets in OPC UA and each of the Information Model standards.

a Profile dedicated to a specific feature that a Serveror Clientmay require

Note 1to entry: Facetsare typically combined to form higher-level Profiles. The use of the term Facetin the title of a Profileindicates that the given Profileis not a standalone Profile.

arranges Profiles into application classes, such as Serveror Client

Note 1to entry: These categories help determine what a given Profileis used for. For additional details see 0.

a technical description of a set of steps required to test a particular function or information model

Note 1to entry: TestCasesprovide sufficient details to allow a developer to implement them in code. TestCasesalso provide a detailed summary of the expected result(s) from the execution of the implemented code and any precondition(s) that must be established before the TestCasecan be executed.

a facility that is designated to provide testing services

Note 1to entry: These services include but are not limited to personal that directly perform testing, automated testing and a formal repeatable process. The OPC Foundation has provided detailed standard describing OPC UA TestLabsand the testing they are to provided (see Compliance Part 8 UA Server, Compliance Part 9 UA Client).