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A UAVariable is a subtype of the UAInstance defined in. It represents a Variable Node. The fields in the UAVariable type are defined in Table F.8.

Table F.8 – UAVariable

Element Type Description
All of the fields from the UAInstance type described in 0.    
Value Variant The Value of the Node encoding using the UA XML wire encoding.
Translation TranslationType [] A list of translations for the Value if the Value is a LocalizedText or a structure containing LocalizedTexts.
This field may be omitted.
If the Value is an array the number of elements in this array shall match the number of elements in the Value. Extra elements are ignored.
If the Value is a scalar, then there is one element in this array.
If the Value is a structure, then each element contains translations for one or more fields identified by a name. See the TranslationType for more information.
DataType NodeId The data type of the value.
ValueRank ValueRank The value rank.
If not specified, the default value is -1 (Scalar).
ArrayDimensions ArrayDimensions The number of dimensions in an array value.
AccessLevel AccessLevel The access level.
UserAccessLevel AccessLevel Still in schema but no longer used.
MinimumSamplingInterval Duration The minimum sampling interval.
Historizing Boolean Whether history is being archived.

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