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The CertificateStoreIdentifier element describes a physical store containing X.509 v3 Certificates. The elements contained in a CertificateStoreIdentifier are described in Table E.4.

Table E.4 – CertificateStoreIdentifier

Element Type Description
StoreType String    The type of CertificateStore that contains the Certificate.Predefined values are “Windows” and “Directory”.
StorePath String    The path to the CertificateStore.   The syntax depends on the StoreType.See E.3 for a description of the syntax for different StoreTypes.
ValidationOptions CertificateValidationOptions    The options to use when validating the Certificates contained in the store.The possible options are described in E.6.

All Certificates are placed in a physical store which can be protected from unauthorized access. The implementation of a store can vary and will depend on the application, development tool or operating system. A Certificate store may be shared by many applications on the same machine.

Each Certificate store is identified by a StoreType and a StorePath. The same path on different machines identifies a different store.

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