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This Method is used to remove a Role from the RoleSet Object.

The RoleNodeId is the NodeId of the Role Object to remove.

The Server may prohibit the removal of some Roles because they are necessary for the Server to function.

If a Role is removed all Permissions associated with the Role are deleted as well. Ideally these changes should take effect immediately, however, some lag may occur.

This Method affects security and shall only be browseable and callable by authorized administrators.


RemoveRole (
[in]	NodeId RoleNodeId

Argument Description
RoleNodeId The NodeId of the Role Object.

Method Result Codes

ResultCode Description
Bad_NodeIdUnknown The specified Role Object does not exist.
Bad_NotSupported The Server does not allow the Role Object to be removed.
Bad_UserAccessDenied The caller does not have the necessary Permissions.
Bad_RequestNotAllowed The specified Role Object cannot be removed.

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