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The TypeDictionary element is the root element of an OPC Binary Dictionary. The components of this element are described in Table E.1.

Table E.1 TypeDictionary Components

Name Type Description
Documentation Documentation An element that contains human-readable text and XML that provides an overview of what is contained in the dictionary.
Import ImportDirective[] Zero or more elements that specify other TypeDictionaries that are referenced by StructuredTypes defined in the dictionary. Each import element specifies the NamespaceUri of the TypeDictionary being imported. The TypeDictionary element shall declare an XML namespace prefix for each imported namespace.
TargetNamespace xs:string Specifies the URI that qualifies all TypeDescriptions defined in the dictionary.
DefaultByteOrder ByteOrder Specifies the default ByteOrder for all TypeDescriptions that have the ByteOrderSignificant attribute set to “true”.
This value overrides the setting in any imported TypeDictionary.
This value is overridden by the DefaultByteOrder specified on a TypeDescription.
TypeDescription TypeDescription[] One or more elements that describe the structure of a binary encoded value.
A TypeDescription is an abstract type. A dictionary may only contain the OpaqueType, EnumeratedType and StructuredType elements.

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