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This standard Object is the browse entry point for ReferenceType Nodes. Figure 6 illustrates the organization of ReferenceTypes. Organizes References are used to define ReferenceTypes and Objects referenced by the “ReferenceTypesObject. The “ReferenceTypesObject shall not reference any other NodeClasses. See Clause 11 for a discussion of the standard ReferenceTypes that appear beneath the “ReferenceTypesObject.

readme_files/image008.png Figure 6 – ReferenceType Definitions

Since ReferenceTypes will be used as filters in the browse Service and in queries, the Server shall provide all its ReferenceTypes, directly or indirectly following hierarchical References starting from the “ReferenceTypesObject. This means that, whenever the client follows a Reference, the Server shall expose the type of this Reference in the ReferenceType hierarchy. It shall provide all ReferenceTypes so that the client would be able, following the inverse subtype of References, to come to the base References ReferenceType. It does not mean that the Server shall expose the ReferenceTypes that the client has not used any Reference of.

The “ReferenceTypesObject is formally defined in Table 85.

Table 85 – ReferenceTypes Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName ReferenceTypes
References NodeClass BrowseName Comment
HasTypeDefinition ObjectType FolderType Defined in 6.6
Organizes ReferenceType References Defined in 11.1

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