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This ObjectType defines a list of NamespaceMetadataType Objects provided by the Server. It is formally defined in Table 22.

Table 22 – NamespacesType Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName NamespacesType
IsAbstract False

Subtype of the BaseObjectType defined in 6.2

References NodeClass BrowseName Data Type TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
HasComponent Object <NamespaceIdentifier> - NamespaceMetadataType OptionalPlaceholder

The ObjectType contains a list of NamespaceMetadataType Objects representing the namespaces in the Server. The BrowseName of an Object shall be derived from the namespace represented by the Object. This can, for example, be done by using the index of the namespace in the NamespaceArray as namespaceIndex of the QualifiedName and the namespace URI as name of the QualifiedName. Clients should not assume that all namespaces provided by a Server are present in this list as a namespace may not provide the information necessary to fill all mandatory Properties of the NamespaceMetadataType.

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