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This EventType is used for the categorization of Events generated by a Client. Its representation in the AddressSpace is formally defined in Table 57.

Table 57 – AuditClientEventType definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName AuditClientEventType
IsAbstract True

Subtype of the AuditEventType defined in 6.4.3, which means it inherits the InstanceDeclarations of that Node.

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable ServerUri UriString PropertyType Mandatory
Base Info Client Events          

This class of Audit Events are generated by Servers that also support Client functionality. They represent the Client actions taken by the Server.

This EventType inherits all Properties of the AuditEventType. Their semantics are defined in 6.4.3. The SourceNode Property for Events of this type shall be assigned to the NodeId of the Object that is related to the action. If no Object is related, then the SourceNode Property shall be the NodeId of the Server Object.

ServerUri provides the URI of the Server that the Client was accessing.

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