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As another example a filter to select all SystemEvents (including derived types) that are contained in the Area1 View or the Area2 View would result in a logic tree as shown in Figure B.2 and a ContentFilter as shown in Table B.2.

readme_files/image043.png Figure B.2 – Filter Logic Tree Example

Table B.2 describes the elements, operators and operands used in the example.

Table B.2 – ContentFilter Example

Element[] Operator Operand[0] Operand[1]
0 And ElementOperand = 1 ElementOperand = 4
1 Or ElementOperand = 2 ElementOperand = 3
2 InView AttributeOperand = NodeId: Area1, BrowsePath: “.”, Attribute: NodeId  
3 InView AttributeOperand = NodeId: Area2, BrowsePath: “.”, Attribute: NodeId  
4 OfType AttributeOperand = NodeId: SystemEventType, Brow”sePath: “.”, Attribute: NodeId”  

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