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The components of this parameter are defined in Table 165.

Table 165 – QueryDataSet

Name Type Description
QueryDataSet structure Data related to a Node returned in a Query response.
   nodeId ExpandedNodeId The NodeId for this Node description.
   typeDefinitionNode ExpandedNodeId The NodeId for the type definition for this Node description.
   values [] BaseDataType Values for the selected Attributes. The order of returned items matches the order of the requested items. There is an entry for each requested item for the given TypeDefinitionNode that matches the selected instance, this includes any related nodes that were specified using a relative path from the selected instance’s TypeDefinitionNode. If no values where found for a given requested item a null value is returned for that item. If a value has a bad status, the StatusCode is returned instead of the value. If multiple values exist for a requested item then an array of values is returned. If the requested item is a reference then a ReferenceDescription or array of ReferenceDescription is returned for that item.
If the QueryDataSet is returned in a QueryNext to continue a list of ReferenceDescription, the values array will have the same size but the other values already returned are null.

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