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The AddNodes Service allows specifying the Attributes for the Nodes to add. The NodeAttributes is an extensible parameter whose structure depends on the type of the NodeClass being added. It identifies the NodeClass that defines the structure of the Attributes that follow. The parameterTypeIds are defined in Table 148. The ExtensibleParameter type is defined in 7.12.

Table 148 – NodeAttributes parameterTypeIds

Symbolic Id Description
ObjectAttributes Defines the Attributes for the Object NodeClass.
VariableAttributes Defines the Attributes for the Variable NodeClass.
MethodAttributes Defines the Attributes for the Method NodeClass.
ObjectTypeAttributes Defines the Attributes for the ObjectType NodeClass.
VariableTypeAttributes Defines the Attributes for the VariableType NodeClass.
ReferenceTypeAttributes Defines the Attributes for the ReferenceType NodeClass.
DataTypeAttributes Defines the Attributes for the DataType NodeClass.
ViewAttributes Defines the Attributes for the View NodeClass.
GenericAttributes Defines an id and value list for passing in any number of Attribute values. It should be used instead of the NodeClass specific structures since it allows the handling of additional Attributes defined in future specification versions.

Table 149 defines the bit mask used in the NodeAttributes parameters to specify which Attributes are set by the Client.

Table 149 – Bit mask for specified Attributes

Field Bit Description
AccessLevel 0 Indicates if the AccessLevel Attribute is set.
ArrayDimensions 1 Indicates if the ArrayDimensions Attribute is set.
Reserved 2 Reserved to be consistent with WriteMask defined in OPC 10000-3.
ContainsNoLoops 3 Indicates if the ContainsNoLoops Attribute is set.
DataType 4 Indicates if the DataType Attribute is set.
Description 5 Indicates if the Description Attribute is set.
DisplayName 6 Indicates if the DisplayName Attribute is set.
EventNotifier 7 Indicates if the EventNotifier Attribute is set.
Executable 8 Indicates if the Executable Attribute is set.
Historizing 9 Indicates if the Historizing Attribute is set.
InverseName 10 Indicates if the InverseName Attribute is set.
IsAbstract 11 Indicates if the IsAbstract Attribute is set.
MinimumSamplingInterval 12 Indicates if the MinimumSamplingInterval Attribute is set.
Reserved 13 Reserved to be consistent with WriteMask defined in OPC 10000-3.
Reserved 14 Reserved to be consistent with WriteMask defined in OPC 10000-3.
Symmetric 15 Indicates if the Symmetric Attribute is set.
UserAccessLevel 16 Indicates if the UserAccessLevel Attribute is set.
UserExecutable 17 Indicates if the UserExecutable Attribute is set.
UserWriteMask 18 Indicates if the UserWriteMask Attribute is set.
ValueRank 19 Indicates if the ValueRank Attribute is set.
WriteMask 20 Indicates if the WriteMask Attribute is set.
Value 21 Indicates if the Value Attribute is set.
Reserved 22:32 Reserved for future use. Shall always be zero.

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