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This Service is implemented by Discovery Servers.

This Service allows a Server to register its DiscoveryUrls and capabilities with a Discovery Server. It extends the registration information from RegisterServer with information necessary for FindServersOnNetwork. This Service will be called by a Server or a separate configuration utility. Clients will not use this Service.

Servers that support RegisterServer2 shall try to register with the Discovery Server using this Service and shall fall back to RegisterServer if RegisterServer2 fails with the status Bad_ServiceUnsupported.

A Discovery Server that implements this Service needs to assign unique record ids each time this Service is called. See 5.4.3 for more details.

This Service can only be invoked via SecureChannels that support Client authentication (i.e. HTTPS cannot be used to call this Service). Parameters ToC

Table 8 defines the parameters for the Service.

Table 8 – RegisterServer2

Name Type Description
   requestHeader RequestHeader    Common request parameters.   The authenticationToken is always null.The type RequestHeader is defined in 7.33.
   Server RegisteredServer The Server to register. The type RegisteredServer is defined in 7.32.
   discoveryConfiguration [] ExtensibleParameter DiscoveryConfiguration    Additional configuration settings for the Server to register.   The discoveryConfiguration is an extensible parameter type defined in 7.13.Discovery Servers that do not understand a configuration shall return Bad_NotSupported for this configuration.
   responseHeader ResponseHeader    Common response parameters. The type ResponseHeader is defined in 7.34.
   configurationResults [] StatusCode List of results for the discoveryConfiguration parameters.
   diagnosticInfos [] DiagnosticInfo List of diagnostic information for the discoveryConfiguration parameters. This list is empty if diagnostics information was not requested in the request header or if no diagnostic information was encountered in processing of the request. Service results ToC

Table 9 defines the Service results specific to this Service. Common StatusCodes are defined in Table 182.

Table 9 – RegisterServer2 Service Result Codes

Symbolic Id Description
Bad_InvalidArgument See Table 182 for the description of this result code.
Bad_ServerUriInvalid See Table 182 for the description of this result code.
Bad_ServerNameMissing No ServerName was specified.
Bad_DiscoveryUrlMissing No discovery URL was specified.
Bad_SemaphoreFileMissing The semaphore file specified is not valid.
Bad_ServiceUnsupported See Table 182 for the description of this result code. StatusCodes ToC

Table 10 defines values for the operation level configurationResults parameters that are specific to this Service. Common StatusCodes are defined in Table 183.

Table 10 – RegisterServer2 Operation Level Result Codes

Symbolic Id Description
Bad_NotSupported See Table 183 for the description of this result code.

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