This Structured DataType is used to provide the metadata for a field of a custom Enumeration or OptionSet DataType. It is derived from the DataType EnumValueType. If used for an OptionSet DataType, the corresponding Value in the base type contains the number of the bit associated with the field. The EnumField is formally defined in Table 36.

Table 36 – EnumField Structure








A name for the field that is unique within the EnumDefinition.

OPC 10000-6 defines a number of DataEncodings which specify how to serialize Enumeration DataTypes. Some of these DataEncodings are text based and make use of Name field. For this reason, the Name should be a String that starts with a letter and contain only letters, digits or the underscore (_). If an EnumField has a Name that does not meet these requirements it will be transformed using the Name encoding rules defined in OPC 10000-6 into a String that meets the requirements. This will result in text based DataEncodings with Names that are not friendly to human readers.