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The OPC UA Address Space Model defines a Base NodeClass from which all other NodeClasses are derived. The derived NodeClasses represent the various components of the OPC UA Object Model (see 4.2). The Attributes of the Base NodeClass are specified in Table 7. There are no References specified for the Base NodeClass.

Table 7 – Base NodeClass

Name Use Data Type Description
   NodeId M NodeId See 5.2.2
   NodeClass M NodeClass See 5.2.3
   BrowseName M QualifiedName See 5.2.4
   DisplayName M LocalizedText See 5.2.5
   Description O LocalizedText See 5.2.6
   WriteMask O AttributeWriteMask See 5.2.7
   UserWriteMask O AttributeWriteMask See 5.2.8
            RolePermissions O RolePermissionType[] See 5.2.9
            UserRolePermissions O RolePermissionType[] See 5.2.10
AccessRestrictions O AccessRestrictionType See 5.2.11
References     No References specified for this NodeClass

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