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This Method is used to modify a user in the user management of the Server.

This Method affects security and shall only be browseable and callable by authorized administrators and requires an encrypted channel.


ModifyUser (
[in]	String 			UserName,
[in]	Boolean 			ModifyPassword,
[in]	String 			Password,
[in]	Boolean 			ModifyUserConfiguration,
[in]	UserConfigurationMask	UserConfiguration,
[in]	Boolean 			ModifyDescription,
[in]	String 			Description

Argument Description
UserName The name of the user to modify.
ModifyPassword Flag indicating if the password should be changed.
Password The password for the user. The password is set to a null or empty string if ModifyPassword is false. The argument is ignored if ModifyPassword is false.
ModifyUserConfiguration Flag indicating if the user configuration should be changed.
UserConfiguration The configuration mask for the user. The argument is ignored if ModifyUserConfiguration is false.
ModifyDescription Flag indicating if the user description should be changed.
Description A description for the user. The argument is ignored if ModifyDescription is false.

Method Result Codes

ResultCode Description
Bad_NotFound The user was not found in the user management.
Bad_OutOfRange The password is outside the valid range of accepted length and characters.
Bad_NotSupported The UserConfiguration has flags set that are not supported by the Server. See PasswordOptions for flags supported by the Server.
Bad_UserAccessDenied The caller does not have the necessary Permissions.
Bad_SecurityModeInsufficient The communication channel is not using encryption.

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