OPC 10000-17: OPC Unified Architecture

Part 17: Alias Names

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Table of Contents

1 Scope

2 Normative references

3 Terms and abbreviated terms
    3.1 Terms
    3.2 Abbreviated terms

4 Use cases
    4.1 Complex configuration
    4.2 Automatic reconfiguration
    4.3 Cloud based system
    4.4 Aggregated systems

5 AliasNames Information Model overview

6 OPC UA ObjectTypes
    6.1 Overview
    6.2 AliasNameType ObjectType Definition
    6.3 AliasNameCategoryType ObjectType Definition
        6.3.1 Definition
        6.3.2 FindAlias Method

7 OPC UA DataTypes
    7.1 Overview
    7.2 AliasNameDataType

8 Reference Types
    8.1 Overview
    8.2 AliasFor ReferenceType

9 Instances
    9.1 Overview
    9.2 Aliases
    9.3 TagVariables
    9.4 Topics

Annex A (informative): Examples
    A.1 Overview
    A.2 AliasNames used within a single Server
    A.3 AliasNames in an aggregating Server
    A.4 Standalone AliasNames Server
    A.5 Aggregating Server with a collection of Aggregates
    A.6 GDS
    A.7 Client use of an AliasName Server

Annex B GDS functionality (normative)
    B.1 Overview
    B.2 Register a Server
    B.3 Unregister a Server
    B.4 Disconnect between a Client and an AliasName Server