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The ElseGuardVariableType is a specialization of the GuardVariableType defining a concrete semantic for the Guard. The value of the Guard should always be {“en”, “Else”} or a translation of this. The ElseGuardVariableType shall only be used on pseudo states like the ChoiceStateType. That means, that it shall only be referenced from Transitions having such a StateType as SourceNode. The ElseGuardVariableType shall only be used once for each State. That means, that each State shall at most have one Transition (referenced as SourceNode) referencing an ElseGuardVariableType. The ElseGuardVariableType shall be the only Guard of a Transition. That means, if a Transition references an instance of an ElseGuardVariableType, it shall not reference any other Guards.

The semantic of the ElseGuardVariableType is, that if a pseudo state is reached and no other Transition exists on the State where all its Guards are validated to “True”, this Guards validates to “True” and thus its Transition is used.

The ElseGuardVariableType is formally defined in Table 22.

Table 22 – ElseGuardVariableType definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName ElseGuardVariableType
DataType LocalizedText
ValueRank −1 (−1 = Scalar)
IsAbstract False

Subtype of the GuardVariableType defined in Clause 4.6.4

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