The PublishingIntervalwith the DataType Durationdefines the interval in milliseconds for publishing NetworkMessagesand the embedded DataSetMessagescreated by the related DataSetWriters.

For cyclic PublishedDataSetsone DataSetis produced for one PublishedDataSetin a PublishingInterval. If no new DataSetis available in a PublishingInterval, then either the previous DataSetMessageis resent or no DataSetMessageis sent.

In the case non-cyclic PublishedDataSetslike Eventbased DataSets, this may result in zero to many DataSetMessagesproduced for one PublishedDataSetin a PublishingInterval. All Eventsthat occur between two PublishingIntervalsshall be buffered until the next NetworkMessageis sent. If the number of Events exceeds the buffer capability of the DataSetWriter, an Eventof type EventQueueOverflowEventTypeis inserted as last entry into the buffer and all Eventsthat do not fit into the buffer are discarded.

The Duration DataTypeis a subtype of Doubleand allows configuration of intervals smaller than a millisecond.