The PublishingOffsetis an array of DataType Durationthat defines the time in milliseconds for the offset in the PublishingIntervalcycle of sending the NetworkMessageto the network.

The Duration DataTypeis a subtype of Doubleand allows configuration of intervals smaller than a millisecond.

Figure 26depicts how the different variations of PublishingOffsetsettings affect sending of multiple NetworkMessages.


Figure 26– PublishingOffset options for multiple NetworkMessages

If all DataSetsof a group are transferred with a single NetworkMessage, the scalar value or the first value in the array defines the offset for sending the NetworkMessagerelative to the start of the PublishingIntervalcycle. If the DataSetsof a group are sent in a series of NetworkMessages, the values in the array define the offsets of sending the NetworkMessagesrelative to the start of the PublishingIntervalcycle. If a scalar value is configured, the first NetworkMessageis sent at the offset and the following NetworkMessages are sent immediately after each other. If more NetworkMessages are available for sending than offset values in the array, the offset for the remaining NetworkMessages are extrapolated from the last two offset values in the array.

The PublishingInterval, the SamplingOffsetthe PublishingOffsetand the timestamp in the NetworkMessageheader shall use the same time base.