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This Method is used to add a SecurityGroupType Object to the SecurityGroupFolderType Object.

The Client shall be authorized to modify the configuration for the PubSub functionality when invoking this Method on the Server.


AddSecurityGroup (
[in]	String	SecurityGroupName
[in]	Duration	KeyLifetime
[in]	String	SecurityPolicyUri
[in]	UInt32	MaxFutureKeyCount
[in]	UInt32	MaxPastKeyCount
[out]	String	SecurityGroupId
[out]	NodeId	SecurityGroupNodeId

Argument Description
SecurityGroupName Name of the SecurityGroup to add.
KeyLifetime The lifetime of a key in milliseconds
SecurityPolicyUri The SecurityPolicy used for the SecurityGroup.
MaxFutureKeyCount The maximum number of future keys returned by the Method GetSecurityKeys.
MaxPastKeyCount The maximum number of historical keys stored by the SKS
SecurityGroupId The identifier for the SecurityGroup.
SecurityGroupNodeId The NodeId of the added SecurityGroupType Object.

Method Result Codes

ResultCode Description
Bad_NodeIdExists A SecurityGroup with the name already exists.
Bad_UserAccessDenied The Session user is not allowed to configure the object.

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