Setting performInsertReplace = UPDATE_3 inserts or replaces entries in the history database for the specified timestamps for one or more HistoricalDataNodes . If the item has an entry at the specified timestamp, then the new entry will replace the old one. If there is no entry at that timestamp, then the function will insert the new data.

A Server can create a modified value for a value being replaced or inserted (see 3.1.6) however it is not required.

This function is intended to unconditionally insert/replace values and qualities, e.g., correction of values for bad sensors.

Good as a StatusCode for an individual entry is allowed when the Server is unable to say whether there was already a value at that timestamp. If the Server can determine whether the new entry replaces an entry that was already there, then it should use Good_EntryInserted or Good_EntryReplaced to return that information.

If the Time does not fall within range that can be stored then the related operationResults entry shall indicate Bad_OutOfRange.