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The valid state transitions specified for the DomainDownload Program are specified in Table A.1. Each of the transitions defines a start state and end state for the transition and is identified by a unique number. Five of the transitions are from the base ProgramStateMachineType and retain the transition identifier numbers specified for Programs. The additional transitions relate the base Program states with the subordinate states defined for the DomainDownload. These states have been assigned unique transition identifier numbers that distinguish them from the base Program transition identifiers. In cases where transitions occur between substates and the Program’s base states, two transitions are specified. One transition identifies the base state change and a second substate change. For example, ReadyToRunning and ToOpening occur at the same time.

Table A.1 also specifies the defined states, causes for the transitions, and the effects of each transition. Program Control Methods are used by the Client to “run” the DomainDownload. The Methods cause or trigger the specified transitions. The transition effects are the specified EventTypes which notify the Client of Program activity.

Table A.1 – DomainDownload states

No. Transition name Cause From State To State Effect
2 ReadyToRunning Start Method Ready Running Report Transition 2 Event/Result
3 RunningToHalted Halt Method/Error or Internal. Running Halted Report Transition 3 Event/Result
5 RunningToSuspended Suspend Method Running Suspended Report Transition 5 Event/Result
6 SuspendedToRunning Resume Method Suspended Running Report Transition 6 Event/Result
7 SuspendedToHalted Halt Method Suspended Halted Report Transition 7 Event/Result
10 OpeningToSending Internal Opening Sending Report Transition 10 Event/Result
11 SendingToSending Internal Sending Sending Report Transition 11 Event/Result
12 SendingToClosing Internal Sending Closing Report Transition 12 Event/Result
13 SendingToAborted Halt Method/Error Opening Aborted Report Transition 13 Event/Result
14 ClosingToCompleted Internal Closing Completed Report Transition 14 Event/Result
15 SendingToSuspended Suspend Method Sending Suspended Report Transition 16 Event/Result
16 SuspendedToSending Resume Method Suspended Sending Report Transition 17 Event/Result
18 SuspendedToAborted Halt Method Suspended Aborted Report Transition 18 Event/Result
17 ToOpening Internal Ready Opening Report Transition 19 Event/Result

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