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GetEncryptingKey is used to request a key that can be used to encrypt a KeyCredential.

This Method requires an encrypted channel and that the Client provides credentials with administrative rights on the Server.


[in]  String 	 credentialId,
[in]  String 	 requestedSecurityPolicyUri,
[out] ByteString publicKey,
[out] String 	 revisedSecurityPolicyUri

Argument Description
credentialId The unique identifier associated with the KeyCredential.
requestedSecurityPolicyUri    The SecurityPolicy used to encrypt the secret.If not specified the Server chooses a suitable default.
publicKey    The Public Key used to encrypt the secret.The format depends on the SecurityPolicyUri.
revisedSecurityPolicyUri    The SecurityPolicy used to encrypt the secret.   It also specifies the contents of the publicKey.This may be different from the requestedSecurityPolicyUri.

Method Result Codes (defined in Call Service)

Result Code Description
Bad_InvalidArgument The credentialId is not valid.
Bad_UserAccessDenied The current user does not have the rights required.

Table 60b specifies the AddressSpace representation for the GetEncryptingKey Method.

Table 60b – GetEncryptingKey Method AddressSpace Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName GetEncryptingKey
References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable InputArguments Argument[] PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable OutputArguments Argument[] PropertyType Mandatory

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