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The DeviceType defines the DeviceClass property. The classification is industry-specific and is defined for commercial kitchen devices in Table 9.

Table 9 — Values for the DeviceClass property

DeviceClass Description
Fryer Fryer Device
Frying Pan Frying Pan Device
Combi Steamer Combi Steamer Device
Convection Oven, Multiple Deck Oven Convection Oven, Multiple Deck Oven Device
Pressure Cooking Kettle Pressure Cooking Kettle Device
Cooking Kettle Cooking Kettle Device
Multi Function Pan Multi Function Pan Device
Pasta Cooker / Cook Marie Pasta Cooker / Cook Marie Device
Coffee Machine Coffee Machine Device
Dishwashing Machine Dishwashing Machine Device
Servery System Servery System Device
Cooking Zone Cooking Zone Device
Frying And Grilling Appliance Frying And Grilling Appliance Device
Microwave Combination Oven Microwave Combination Oven Device
Ice Machine Ice Machine Device

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