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This property describes whether the device is equipped with pan detection. EnergySource property ToC

The EnergySource property returns the type of energy supply. The data type for the EnergySourceEnumeration is defined in 21.1. NominalVoltage property ToC

The NominalVoltage property contains the nominal voltage of the cooking zone combination.

The EngineeringUnit property of the AnalogItemType has the value V. The value for the EURange property is device-specific. NumberOfPhases property ToC

The NumberOfPhases property returns the number of phases of the cooking zone combination (1-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase). CookingZone_<No.> objects ToC

A cooking zone combination may consist of one or more cooking zones. The CookingZone_<No.> object contains the data for a cooking zone.

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