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The data type is an enumeration of the current status of the device.

The enumeration values are defined in Table 39.

Table 39 — MultiFunctionPanModeEnumeration values

Value Description
Off_0 off
On_1 switched on, but no cooking process is active
Preheat_2 Heating up
StandBy_3 Eco-mode, lowering of the temperature
PressureCooking_4 Pressure cooking
SoftCooking_5 Gentle cooking
Cooking_6 Cooking
Grilling_7 Grilling
Frying_8 Frying
Regenerate_9 Regeneration
DeltaTcooking_10 Delta-T cooking
ZoneGrilling_11 Zone grilling
ZoneCooking_12 Zone cooking
Cleaning_13 Cleaning
PresetStart_14 Start time preselection active
Error_15 Error state

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