9.3 Handling of the OPC UA Namespace ToC Previous

Namespaces are used to generate identifiers which are unique among various naming authorities. NodeIds and BrowseNames of Attributes are identifiers. Nodes in the UA Address Space are definitely identified by the NodeIds. In contrast to the NodeIds, BrowseNames cannot be used to definitely identify Nodes. Different Nodes may share a same BrowseName. BrowseNames are used to create a browse path between two Nodes or define standard Properties.

A server may select the use of a same namespace for NodeIds and BrowseNames. However, for example, when a local server grants standard Properties, their BrowseNames must have a namespace of the standardizing body even though the namespace of the NodeIds reflect other things. All of NodeId for Nodes which are not defined in this specifications must not use the standard namespace.

Table 94 lists mandatory/optional namespaces used by the server.

Table 94 – Namespace used in CSPPlusForMachine Server

NameSpace Description Optional/ Mandatory
htt p://opcfoundation.org/UA/ Namespace for NodeIds and BrowseNames defined in the OPC UA specification. This namespace shall have namespace index 0. M
Local Server URI Namespace for Nodes defined in the local server. This may include types and instances used in a Cspp Machine represented by the server. This namespace shall have namespace index 1. M
htt p://opcfoundation.org/UA/DI/ Namespace for NodeIds and BrowseNames defined in [OPC 10000-100]. The namespace index is server specific. M
htt p://opcfoundation.org/UA/CSPPlusForMachine/ Namespace for NodeIds and BrowseNames defined in this specification. The namespace index is server specific. M
Vendor specific types and instances A server may provide vendor specific types like types derived from CsppMachineType or vendor specific instances of devices in a vendor specific namespace. O

Table 9-5 provides a list of namespaces and their index used for BrowseNames in this specification. The default namespace of this specification is not listed since all BrowseNames without prefix use this default namespace.

Table 9-5 – Namespaces used in this specification

Namespace Namespace Index Example
h tt p://opcfoundation.org/UA/ 0 0:BaseObjectType
htt p://opcfoundation.org/UA/DI/ 1 1:ParameterSet

1 ToC

APPENDIX A: Namespace and Mapping ToC

A.1 Namespace and Identifiers of the Information Model of CSP+ for Machine ToC

This appendix defines numeric identifiers for all numeric type NodeId that are defined in this specifications. The identifiers are specified in the following syntax in CSV files.

< SymbolName >, < Identifier >, < NodeClass >

‘SymbolName’ described above refers to BrowseName of a Type Node or BrowsePath of an Instance Node when the identifier of the NodeId is a numerical value in the Instance Node in this specifications.

Browse paths of instance Nodes are described by connecting the BrowseName of the instance or type which holds it with the BrowseName of the target Instance Node. The underscore (“_”) is used as a delimiter for BrowseNames of paths.

The NamespaceUri for all NodeIds is defined in the following.


The CSV file for the specifications of this version is available from the following.


The latest NodeIds are available from the following.


The electronic version of the full information model defined in this specifications is also available. It conforms to the schema of the information model in the XML format which is defined in OPC 10000-6. The information model schema for this version is available from the following.


The latest information model schema is available from the following.


A.2 Profile URI in the Information Model of CSP+ for Machine ToC

Table A-1 defines the profile URI in the information model of CSP+ for machine.

Table A -1 – Profile URI

Profile Profile URI
CSP+ for machine Server Facet http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/External/CSPPlusForMachine/CSP+formachineServer
CSP+ for machine Client Facet http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/External/CSPPlusForMachine/CSP+formachineClient