This document describes the OPC UA information model in “Control & Communication System Profile Specification (for Machine)”.

The Control & Communication System Profile for machine (hereinafter referred to as “CSP+ for machine”) is a data set that visualizes machine information to simplify development by application vendors of application software that manages, monitors, and controls the machine, and settings by the machine users. The CSP+ for machine contains the following information related to the machine described.

  • Information related to the machine specifications
  • Machine information to be released for application software (machine information)
  • Information related to data to be acquired from the machine and its acquisition method (machine data)
  • Linked information between machine information and machine data The CSP+ for machine is generally handled as CSP+ file for machine described in the XML format.

This document specifies the mapping of information written in the CSP+ for machine to the OPC UA information model. The specifications specified here are applied for the case where application software using the CSP+ for machine is an OPC UA server.