The Attributesof Nodes, their DataTypesand descriptions are defined in OPC 10000-3. Attributes not marked as optional are mandatory and shall be provided by a Server. The following tables define if the Attributevalue is defined by this specification or if it is server-specific.

For all Nodesspecified in this specification, the Attributesnamed in Table 4shall be set as specified in the table.

Table 4– Common Node Attributes




The DisplayNameis a LocalizedText. Each server shall provide the DisplayNameidentical to the BrowseNameof the Nodefor the LocaleId “en”. Whether the server provides translated names for other LocaleIds is server-specific.


Optionally a server-specific description is provided.


Shall reflect the NodeClassof the Node.


The NodeIdis described by BrowseNamesas defined in


Optionally the WriteMask Attributecan be provided. If the WriteMask Attributeis provided, it shall set all non-server-specific Attributesto not writable. For example, the Description Attributemay be set to writable since a Servermay provide a server-specific description for the Node. The NodeIdshall not be writable, because it is defined for each Nodein this specification.


Optionally the UserWriteMask Attributecan be provided. The same rules as for the WriteMask Attributeapply.


Optionally server-specific role permissions can be provided.


Optionally the role permissions of the current Session can be provided. The value is server-specific and depend on the RolePermissions Attribute(if provided) and the current Session.


Optionally server-specific access restrictions can be provided.