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This method starts the scan process of the optical verifier device synchronous and returns the scan results. It overwrites the Scan method of the OpticalReaderDeviceType defined in


Scan (
[in]	ScanSettings				Settings
[out]	OpticalVerifierScanResult []		Results
[out]	AutoIdOperationStatusEnumeration	Status

Argument Description
Settings Configuration settings for the scan execution. The ScanSettings DataType is defined in 9.3.7.
Results Results of the scan execution. The OpticalVerifierScanResult DataType is defined in 9.3.11.
Status Returns the status of the scan operation.
The AutoIdOperationStatusEnumeration DataType is defined in 9.2.1.

Method Result Codes

ResultCode Description
Bad_InvalidState There is already a scan active
Bad_InvalidArgument The scan setting contained an invalid value like infinite duration.
  Other OPC UA status codes defined for the Call Service in OPC 10000-4.

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