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B.2.2 Parameters defined for a AnalyserChannel of ChromatographDeviceType ToC Previous Next

The example set of Parameters defined on an AnalyserChannel of ChromatographDeviceType for a gas chromatograph are described in Table 109.

Table 109 - ChromatographDeviceType AnalyserChannel Configuration Parameters

BrowseName Description VariableType Optional/
RunState Sets the state of the chromatographic application.
0 = This application is in HOLD
1 = This application is in the RUN state
2 = This application is in the CALibration state
3 = This application is in the VALidation state
Other values are not allowed.
Write format: range 0 - 3
0 = Sets application to HOLD state
1 = Sets application to RUN state
2 = Sets application to CAL state
3 = Sets application to VAL state

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