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Particle size can be determined by light scattering (e.g. Focus Beam Reflectance Measurement, Laser Diffraction) or other Methods. This type of analyser can be used to implement particle monitoring technique for in-line real-time measurement of particle size. A wide range of industrial process control applications are therefore possible such as the online control of crystallizers.

ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceType defines the general structure of a ParticleSizeMonitorDevice Object.


Figure 14 - ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceType

ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceType is a subtype of AnalyserDeviceType.

Table 53 - ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceType

Attribute Value
BrowseName ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceType
IsAbstract False

Subtype of the AnalyserDeviceType defined in

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
    ParticleSizeMonitorDevice Object ToC

The term ParticleSizeMonitorDevice refers to an instance of ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceType ObjectType as defined in Table 53.

All ParticleSizeMonitorDevice have Attributes and Properties that they inherit from the AnalyserDeviceType. ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceStreamType ToC

ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceStreamType defines seven mandatory FunctionalGroups described in5.2.3.1: Configuration, Status, AcquistionSettings, AcquisitionStatus, AcquisitionData, ChemometricModelSettings, Context. Parameters exposed by an Stream of a ParticleSizeMonitorDevice should be organized by those FunctionalGroups based on their meaning.

Table 54 describes the Parameters that are organized by the AcquisitionData FunctionalGroup of a ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceStreamType.

Table 54 – ParticleSizeMonitorDeviceStreamType AcquisitionData Parameters

BrowseName Description VariableType Optional/
Background Array describing the measured background on detector(s.) YArrayItemType
RawData Array describing the measured raw data on detector(s) in arbitrary units. YArrayItemType
ScaledData Array describing the corrected measured data detector(s), for example after background subtraction YArrayItemType
SizeDistribution Returns the Particle Size Distribution YArrayItemType
BackgroundAcquisitionTime Time stamp of the background used for this acquisition DataItemType

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