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In the past, machine tool builders typically provided legacy interfaces defined by leading customers in a similar way. Often these interfaces were quasi-standardized as they were integrated in the PLC libraries of the leading control manufacturers. The signal names were often the same.

The following table gives an overview how the standardized variables of OPC 40501-1 could be mapped to these legacy signals.

Legacy Signal Variables defined by OPC 40501-1 v1.00 Additional variables defined by OPC 40501-1 v1.01
Number of total parts (Not identical to legacy signal) ProductionStatisticsType/ PartsProducedInLifetime ProductionJobType/ PartsCompleted
Number of good parts (Not identical to legacy signal) the information to each part ProductionPartType/ PartQuality ProductionJobType/ PartsGood
Number of scrap parts (Not identical to legacy signal) the information to each part ProductionPartType/ PartQuality    Can be calculated directly from          ProductionJobType    PartsCompleted         minus    ProductionJobType    PartsGood
Production    ChannelMonitoringType/    ChannelMode         ProductionType    ActiveProgram/    CurrentState         ChannelMonitoringType/    FeedOverride      ChannelMonitoringType/    ChannelModifiers    MachineryItemState_StateMachineType/    CurrentState   = Executing       AND      MachineryOperationModeStateMachineType/    CurrentState      = Processing   Note:The FeedOverride may also be included.
Motors OFF (Energies OFF)     (Not identical to legacy signal) MachineryItemState_StateMachineType/ CurrentState = OutOfService
   Override >=70 to 99   Override >= 100   Override = 0Override = 100    ChannelMonitoringType/    FeedOverride     as absolute value    
Active Program Number ProductionActiveProgramType/    Name    
   Automatic Mode   MDA Mode   JOG Mode    ChannelMonitoringType    ChannelMode    
   Start is activeStop is active ProductionActiveProgramType/    State/    CurrentState    
Spindle running SpindleMonitoringType/    IsRotating    
Program stop in reason of a programmed stop ChannelMonitoringType/    ChannelModifiers/    OptionalStop    
Program aborted in reason of a failure    (incomplete) ProductionActiveProgramType/ CurrentState = Aborted       ProductionActiveProgramType/    CurrentState   = Aborted   AND MachineryItemState_StateMachineType/ CurrentState= Processing   ANDMachineryOperationModeStateMachineType/    CurrentState   = Processing
Program interrupted in reason of single step Monitoring/    ChannelModifiers/    SingleStep    
Error in general Occurrence of any Alarm with Severity >= 667 MachineryItemState_StateMachineType/    CurrentState= OutOfService
Technical breakdown        MachineryItemState_StateMachineType/    CurrentState= OutOfService   ANDMachineryOperationModeStateMachineType/    CurrentState   = Processing
Organisation breakdown        MachineryItemState_StateMachineType/    CurrentState= NotExecuting   ANDMachineryOperationModeStateMachineType/    CurrentState   = Processing

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