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This structure contains security-related diagnostic information about client sessions. Its elements are defined in Table 224. Because this information is security-related, it shall only be accessible by authorised users.

Table 224 – SessionSecurityDiagnosticsDataType Structure

Name Type Description
SessionSecurityDiagnosticsDataType structure  
   sessionId NodeId Server-assigned identifier of the session.
   clientUserIdOfSession String Name of authenticated user when creating the session.
   clientUserIdHistory String[]    Array containing the name of the authenticated user currently active (either from creating the session or from calling the ActivateSession Service) and the history of those names. Each time the active user changes, an entry shall be made at the end of the array. The active user is always at the end of the array. Servers may restrict the size of this array, but shall support at least a size of 2.How the name of the authenticated user can be obtained from the system via the information received as part of the session establishment is defined in 6.4.3.
   authenticationMechanism String Type of authentication currently used by the session. The String shall be one of the lexical names of the UserIdentityTokenType Enum.
   encoding String Which encoding is used on the wire. The String shall be ‘XML’, ‘JSON’ or ‘UA Binary’.
   transportProtocol String    Which transport protocol is used. The String shall be the scheme from the URL used to establish the session. For example, ‘opc.tcp’, ‘opc.wss’ or ‘https’.The formal protocol URL scheme strings are defined in OPC 10000-6.
   securityMode MessageSecurityMode The message security mode used for the session.
   securityPolicyUri String The name of the security policy used for the session.
   clientCertificate ByteString The application instance certificate provided by the client in the CreateSession request.

Its representation in the AddressSpace is defined in Table 225.

Table 225 – SessionSecurityDiagnosticsDataType definition

Attributes Value        
BrowseName SessionSecurityDiagnosticsDataType        
IsAbstract FALSE        
References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
Subtype of the Structure DataType defined in Table 174.          
Conformance Units          
Base Info ServerType          

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