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The EphemeralKeyType parameter is used to return an ECC EphemeralKey needed to provide encrypted data back to the owner of the key. This Structure is used in the additionalHeader with the AdditionalParametersType defined in 7.1. See OPC 10000-6 for a discussion of ECC EphemeralKeys. The EphemeralKey is created based on an ECC named curve specified by a SecurityPolicy. The SecurityPolicy to use depends on the context in which this parameter is used.

The components of this structure are defined in Table 140.

Table 140 – EphemeralKeyType

Name Type Description
EphemeralKeyType Structure Specifies an ECC ephemeral Public Key and a signature created by the application that owns the associated Private Key.
   publicKey ByteString    The Public Key associated with an EphemeralKey created by the sender.   It is encoded according to the rules for the ECC SecurityPolicies (see OPC 10000-7). The size of the Public Key is specified by the current SecurityPolicyUri.
   signature ByteString    The Signature calculated using the Application Instance Certificate of the owner of the Private Key associated with the Public Key.    The value of the Public Key field is the data used to calculate the Signature. The SecurityPolicyUri used to generate the EphemeralKey is the SecurityPolicyUri used to calculate the signature.

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