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The components of this parameter are defined in Table 139.

Table 139 – EndpointDescription

Name Type Description
EndpointDescription structure Describes an Endpoint for a Server.
   endpointUrl String The URL for the Endpoint described.
   server ApplicationDescription    The description for the Server that the Endpoint belongs to.The ApplicationDescription type is defined in 7.2.
   serverCertificate    ApplicationInstanceCertificate    The Application Instance Certificate issued to the Server.The ApplicationInstanceCertificate type is defined in 7.3.
   securityMode    EnumMessageSecurityMode    The type of security to apply to the messages.   The type MessageSecurityMode type is defined in 7.20.A SecureChannel may need to be created even if the securityMode is NONE. The exact behaviour depends on the mapping used and is described in the OPC 10000-6.
   securityPolicyUri String    The URI for SecurityPolicy to use when securing messages.The set of known URIs and the SecurityPolicies associated with them are defined in OPC 10000-7.
   userIdentityTokens [] UserTokenPolicy    The user identity tokens that the Server will accept.The Client shall pass one of the UserIdentityTokens in the ActivateSession request. The UserTokenPolicy type is described in 7.42.
   transportProfileUri String    The URI of the Transport Profile supported by the Endpoint.OPC 10000-7 defines URIs for the Transport Profiles.
   securityLevel Byte    A numeric value that indicates how secure the EndpointDescription is compared to other EndpointDescriptions for the same Server.   A value of 0 indicates that the EndpointDescription is not recommended and is only supported for backward compatibility.A higher value indicates better security.

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