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This Structured DataType is used to represent a human-readable representation of an Enumeration. Its elements are described in Table 30. When this type is used in an array representing human-readable representations of an enumeration, each Value shall be unique in that array.

Table 30 – EnumValueType Definition

Name Type Description
EnumValueType structure  
   value Int64 The Integer representation of an Enumeration.
   displayName LocalizedText A human-readable representation of the Value of the Enumeration.
   description LocalizedText A localized description of the enumeration value. This field can contain an empty string if no description is available.

Note that the EnumValueType has been defined with an Int64 Value to meet a variety of usages. When it is used to define the string representation of an Enumeration DataType, the value range is limited to Int32, because the Enumeration DataType is a subtype of Int32. OPC 10000-8 specifies other usages where the actual value might be between 8 and 64 Bit.

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