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This OPC UA Interface is used to represent the traffic specification of a TSN stream. The IIeeeBaseTsnTrafficSpecificationType is formally defined in Table 10.

Table 10 – IIeeeBaseTsnTrafficSpecificationType definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName IIeeeBaseTsnTrafficSpecificationType
IsAbstract True

Subtype of the BaseInterfaceType defined in OPC 10000-5

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
HasComponent Variable MaxIntervalFrames UInt16 BaseDataVariableType Mandatory
HasComponent Variable MaxFrameSize UInt32 BaseDataVariableType Mandatory
HasComponent Variable Interval UnsignedRationalNumber BaseDataVariableType Mandatory
Conformance Units          
BNM TSN Config          

The MaxFrameSize of DataType UInt16 specifies the maximum size frame that will be sent by a Talker for this Stream (see IEEE 802.1Q-2018 clause

Note: According to 802.1Q MaxFrameSize only counts the number of bytes of the Ethernet payload without the media specific framing bytes. (i.e. without 8-byte preamble, 14-byte IEEE 802.3 header, 4-byte IEEE 802.1Q priority/VID Tag, 4-byte CRC, 12-byte inter frame gap). Same rules apply for counting MaxBytesPerInterval.

The MaxIntervalFrames of DataType UInt16 Variable specifies the maximum number of frames that will be sent during an Interval. (see IEEE 802.1Q-2018, clause, “MaxIntervalFrames” or IEEE 802.1Qcc-2018, clause, “MaxFramesPerInterval”)

Interval of DataType UnsignedRationalNumber defines the time period of the TSN Stream in nanoseconds. In that interval a specified number of frames (MaxIntervalFrames) with a maximum payload size per frame (MaxFrameSize) and a maximum total number of bytes (MaxBytesPerInterval) will be transmitted. The Interval therefore shall either represent the “class measurement interval” as used for AVB based Streams (see IEEE 802.1Q-2018 clause 35 or the “Interval” parameter used in the TrafficSpecification group in IEEE 802.1Qcc-2018 clause

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