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A UADP NetworkMessage header shall contain the following fields according to this header layout:

  • Version/Flags
  • ExtendedFlags1
  • PublisherId
  • GroupFlags
  • WriterGroupId
  • GroupVersion
  • NetworkMessageNumber
  • SequenceNumber Additional restrictions:

  • The datatype for the PublisherId shall be UInt16 or UInt64 The NetworkMessage header layout is shown in Figure A.1.

readme_files/image051.png Figure A.1 – UADP NetworkMessage header layout

Table A.1 shows the configuration for the NetworkMessage header.

Table A.1 – UADP NetworkMessage header layout

Name Type Restrictions
UADPVersion Bit[0-3] The version shall be 1
UADPFlags Bit[4-7]    Bit 4: PublisherId enabled   Bit 5: GroupHeader enabled   Bit 6: PayloadHeader disabledBit 7: ExtendedFlags1 enabled
ExtendedFlags1 Byte    Bit range 0-2: PublisherId Type with one of the two following options      001 The PublisherId is of DataType UInt16      011 The PublisherId is of DataType UInt64   Bit 3: DataSetClassId disabled   Bit 4: Security disabled   Bit 5: Timestamp disabled   Bit 6: PicoSeconds disabledBit 7: ExtendedFlags2 disabled
PublisherId UInt16 or UInt64    Configured value for the PubSubConnection.The datatype shall be UInt16 or UInt64.
   GroupFlags Byte    Bit 0: WriterGroupId enabled   Bit 1: GroupVersion enabled   Bit 2: NetworkMessageNumber enabled   Bit 3: SequenceNumber enabled   Bits 4-6: 0Bit 7: disabled
   WriterGroupId UInt16 Configured value for the WriterGroup.
   GroupVersion VersionTime Configured value for the WriterGroup.
   NetworkMessage Number UInt16 Configured value for the WriterGroup.
   SequenceNumber UInt16 Defined by Table 134.

Table A.2 defines the values for the configuration parameters representing this layout.

Table A.2 – Values for configuration parameters

Parameter Value
UadpNetworkMessageContentMask    0x0000003F      This value results of the following options:   Bit 0: PublisherId enabled   Bit 1: GroupHeader enabled   Bit 2: WriterGroupId enabled   Bit 3: GroupVersion enabled   Bit 4: NetworkMessageNumber enabledBit 5: SequenceNumber enabled

When a PubSubConnection is created by using the Method AddConnection() the element PublisherId contained in the argument PubSubConnectionDataType shall be of the datatype UInt16 or UInt64.

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