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ID UC005-2
Name Log of maintenance records
Objective The user wants to access the information concerning the maintenance activities of an asset managed by an OPC UA Server.
Description    The user wants to have access to the information regarding the maintenance activities of an asset. Through this information the user should be able to identify past and planned maintenance activities. This information should contain (if available):   * Maintenance activity date   * Estimated downtime (for planned events)   * Actual downtime (for past events)   * Notification for planned event (inactive/ days before / hours before)   * Maintenance activity type (inspection, external check, servicing, repair, improvement)   * Description of the maintenance activity   * Maintenance supplier   * Qualification of the personnel   * Parts of the asset replaced   * Parts of the asset serviced   * Maintenance method (remote/local)* Configuration change (indicates whether the configuration has changed)
Required Use Cases CU001
Addressed in section 12

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