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This chapter defines the corresponding profiles and conformance units for the OPC UA Information Model for Sercos. Profiles are named groupings of conformance units. Facets are profiles that will be combined with other Profiles to define the complete functionality of an OPC UA Server or Client.

Table 12 defines a facet that indicates full support defined by this specification.

Table 12 – Full Sercos Server Facet Defintion

Conformance Unit Description Optional/
Sercos DeviceType Supports the base Sercos device type, the device specific type and the mandatory components of the types. M
Sercos Device Parameters Supports the optional components for the Sercos device type like device location or the configuration parameters. O
Embedded_DataChange_Subscription_Server_Facet (defined in OPC 10000-7) M  
BaseDevice_Server_Facet (defined in OPC UA DI) M  

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