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In order to access data of Sercos devices via OPC UA, data types and lengths are transformed between Sercos and OPC UA. Table 3 shows the data types and data lengths transformation rules between Sercos and OPC UA.

Table 3 – Transformation rules between Sercos and OPC UA

Sercos OPC UA  
Data Type Data Length Data Type
Extended Character Set 1 Octet List String
Floating-Point number 4 Octet Float
  8 Octet Double
Integer 2 Octet Int16
  4 Octet Int32
  8 Octet Int64
Unsigned Integer
Binary Number
1 Octet Byte
  2 Octet UInt16
  4 Octet UInt32
  8 Octet UInt64
Sercos Time 8 Octet UtcTime

The Sercos list data types are transformed analogue to the single data types, e.g. S-0-0017 (Data type: Integer, Data length: 4 Octed list) is transformed to an array of Int32.

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