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The DataType defines the general structure of a RecipeTargetValueType. The RecipeTargetValueType is used to define and describe target values for a recipe. It is formally defined in Table 146.

Table 146 – RecipeTargetValueType Definition

Attribute Value    
BrowseName RecipeTargetValueType    
IsAbstract False    
DisplayName Type IsArray Optional
Subtype of Structure defined in OPC 10000-5      

The structure is defined inTable 147.

Table 147 – RecipeTargetValueType Structure

Name Type Description
RecipeTargetValueType structure Subtype of the AbstractWeightType defined in this Companion Specification
TargetValueId UInt32 TargetValueId defines a unique identifier for the target value within the scale. If the value does exist in the address space, the TargetValueNodeId should be used.
TargetValueNodeId NodeId TargetValueNodeId defines the NodeId of the target value within the address space of the scale. If the value does exist in the address space, this value should be used.
TargetValueName 0:LocalizedText TargetValueName defines a user-readable name of the target value.

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