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The ComponentName property provides a user writeable name provided by the vendor, integrator or user of the device.

The ComponentName of the TaskControlType provides a customer given identifier for the task control or a default name given by the vendor. This property is derived from ComponentType defined in OPC UA DI. Object ParameterSet ToC

Table 45 – ParameterSet of TaskControlType

Attribute Value        
BrowseName ParameterSet        
References Node   Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling   Rule
HasComponent Variable TaskProgramName String BaseDataVariableType Mandatory
HasComponent Variable TaskProgramLoaded Boolean BaseDataVariableType Mandatory
HasComponent Variable ExecutionMode Enumeration ExecutionModeEnumeration Optional

Description of ParameterSet of TaskControlType:

  • Variable TaskProgramName: The TaskProgramName variable provides a customer given identifier for the task program.
  • Variable TaskProgramLoaded: The TaskProgramLoaded variable is TRUE if a task program is loaded in the task control, FALSE otherwise.
  • Variable ExecutionMode: The ExecutionMode variable tells how the task control executes the task program. Table 46 – ExecutionModeEnumeration
EnumString Value Description
CYCLE 0 Single execution of a task program according to ISO 8373
CONTINUOUS 1 Task program is executed continuously and starts again automatically
STEP 2 Task program is executed in steps Reference Controls ToC

Controls is a reference to provide the relationship between a task control and a motion device. The InverseName is IsControlledBy.

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