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Symbol Definition
Table 2 – Abbreviations and definitions
Definition of Abbreviation
Central Processing Unit
Degrees of freedom
Enterprise Ressource Planning
Human Machine Interface
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Manufacturing Execution System
Open Platform Communications
OPC Unified Architecture
OPC Unified Architecture for Devices (DI)
OPC Unified Architecture - Part 100 – Devices
Programmable logic controller
Preventive Maintenance System
Tool center point
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Tool Coordinate System
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Uniform resource locator
A uniform resource identifier (URI) is a strings of characters used to identify names or resources on the Internet. The URI describes the mechanism used to access resources, the computers on which resources are housed and the names of the resources on each computer.
The Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) represents more than 3,200 member companies in the SME-dominated mechanical and systems engineering industry in Germany and Europe.

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