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The manufacturer or system integrator of a Pump may wish to add Variables, Objects, or Methods which are not yet defined by this specification. In such a case the additional Variables, Objects, or Methods shall be added to an appropriate FunctionalGroup of the component. It is important, that the Variables, Objects, or Methods which are added match the description of the FunctionalGroup they are added to. If there is no FunctionalGroup available the Variables, Objects, and Methods fit in, the manufacturer or system integrator shall create a new Object of the 2:FunctionalGroupType.

It is also possible to define a subtype of the 2:FunctionalGroupType or one of its subtypes to define a new collection of Variables, Objects, or Methods. When subtyping, the manufacturer or system integrator should keep in mind, that all Variables, Objects, and Methods of the supertype are also available to the new subtype.

In general, no new Variables, Objects, or Methods shall be created that are already available in this specification. If the manufacturer or system integrator wants to add already existing Variables, Objects, or Methods to another FunctionalGroup, the Organizes ReferenceType shall be used.

When creating new Variables that are not specified by this specification and are representing measurements the 0:BaseAnalogType should be used as TypeDefinition. If such a Variable can be matched to a physical quantity, this Variable should have the additional subcomponent KindOfQuantity that stores the physical quantity information (see chapter 7.32). If the new Variable has a predefined unit, for example hours or meters, the optional Property 0:EngineeringUnits should be used. The Property 0:Definition shall also be used to further clarify the intended purpose of the Variable.

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