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Information if the ActualValue is within the tolerances or has passed a tolerance or min/max value. The TypeDefinition is MultiStateValueDiscreteType, so the Properties EnumValues and ValueAsText shall be filled with the supported values out of Table 127.

Table 127 – Values for Status

EnumValue ValueAsText Description
0 NONE No monitoring
1 UNKNOWN Status not known, e.g. because of broken sensor
2 BELOW_MIN_VALUE ActualValue   is below MinValue
3 BELOW_LOWER_TOLERANCE2 ActualValue   is below LowerTolerance2
4 BELOW_LOWER_TOLERANCE ActualValue   is below LowerTolerance
5 WITHIN_TOLERANCE ActualValue   is between LowerTolerance and UpperTolerance
6 ABOVE_UPPER_TOLERANCE ActualValue   is above UpperTolerance
7 ABOVE_UPPER_TOLERANCE2 ActualValue   is above UpperTolerance2
8 ABOVE_MAX_VALUE ActualValue   is above MinValue

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